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Latin Ceremony Practices Explained

Dec 8, 2023 Online dating

When planning your ceremony https://www.howtogettheguy.com/blog/, it’s important to consider about all of the components that are crucial to you as a partners. This includes customs that respect your heritage and celebrate your values. But it’s also important to realize that not all nations are the same. In truth, some unique cultures have their own unique rituals and traditions that can be included in your great time.

For case, in Puerto Rico it’s common for a family member to area the bride’s veil over her nose symbolizing beauty and her devotion to her bridegroom. Similarly, in Argentina it’s traditions for lovers to wear bands on their right hands until they get married and then transfer them to the left.

Another fun Latino traditions is Un Baile de Billete, which is where friends pin funds(using health pins) to the bride and groom for a chance to party with them at the reception. This is often done to traditional music such as instrumental waltz, merengue or cumbias. The money collected helps the couple with their honeymoon or for their new home.

Another tradition that many brides and grooms are incorporating into their ceremonies is having los padrinos and las madrinas as part of the ceremony. Similar to having a bridal party, these people are special individuals who the couple have chosen to help them during their wedding ceremony. Usually, they are the godparents and they act as specialized mentors for the couple during their marriage. They can also sponsor items such as el lazo or las el salvadoran women arras matrimoniales.

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